Arjun Suravaram First Day 4.1 crore

Young hero Nikhil and Lavanya Tripathi star in the movie ‘Arjun Suravaram’. Rajkumar Akkal is producing the film under the tutelage of T. Santhosh on the banner of Movie Dynamics LLP at BM Madhu. On November 29, the film is out in front of the audience and running for success. The film unit Success Meet was set up on this occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Nikhil said.
Arjun Suravaram is buzzing in movie theaters. Positive response is coming from the first game. First Day has collected 4.1 crore gross worldwide. Our film unit is happy with this success. Producer Tagore Madhu, Rajkumar, Rich Production Values, Santosh Taking, the film blends well in all areas. Audiences were well-received, though the audience came forward after a few gaps. Audience connected to the message in the movie. Background score became the highlight of the film. Lavanya made another good roll in this movie. Thanks to her for believing in this character and accepting the film, see to those who have not seen the movie, Arjun Suravaram will surely entertain you.

Filmmaker Rajkumar Akkella says …
Releasing the film has overcome many problems. Everyone says the movie is good. Thanks to Audience who made the film so successful. This success has given me the boost to make more films.

Film director T. Santosh said.
My first film in Telugu. Thanks to Audience for supporting us. Many people have asked me what is Arjun Suravaram? Arjun means clean. Arjun’s character is clean, pure reporter in the movie. Suravaram is a senior journalist Suravaram Pratap Reddy has taken with Inspiration. Also thanks to our producers Madhu and Raj Kumar, their help during the shooting was unforgettable. Nikhil is the main highlight of Lavanya’s film. Working Experience with Nikhil was unforgettable.

Heroine Lavanya Tripathi says
Everyone is happy that the movie is good. I am very happy that this is my first Telugu film to be released this year. Having said that, I would like to thank the producers for being part of the movie. Congratulations to all members of the film unit for the success of the film.

Nikhil, Lavanya Tripathi, Vennelakishore, Posani Krishnamuruli, Tarun Arora, Naginidu, Satya, Vidyalekalaka Raman etc.
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Writing, Philosophy: T. Santosh
Presentation: Tagore Madhu
Producer: Rajkumar Akkalla,
Music: Sam CS
Cinematography: Surya
Editor: Naveen Nuli.

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