Telugu Programs On Channels… To Promote Or To Disgust.?


Let us mind you the situation nowadays TV channels are telecasting the Telugu programs which are not impressive and good too. They are to promote Telugu to everyone, but seeing these type of programs all will surely say ‘We don’t learn Telugu’. In the 90s television was swamped with intelligent Telugu content that we could connect to and actually would look forward to viewing it.

Telugu programs on Telugu channels are getting worse than promoting the Telugu language. Some Telugu channels telecast special programs in the Telugu language to promote Telugu to everyone. To learn Telugu, and to promote Telugu, is a good sign nowadays for the younger generation. Of course! It’s a good thing to promote Telugu, especially to the new generation, telecasting at weekends. If the program is successful, it is good for everyone. But if the program does not succeed — if it does not do it in the right way — it does not do good for language. That’s what’s happening now!

Telugu TV programs coming in our TV channels are not being taught to learn Telugu, but to be discouraged, and to get scared of language. By this type of programs, the Telugu language is shown as an ancient language which is tough for the younger generation. It’s been projecting in a bad manner to the younger generation.

It is a good sign to promote Telugu to our future generations through Telugu programs. But the programs must be good and showcase good to everyone. Nowadays the Telugu language is getting hype in every aspect. From movies to social media and sports, they are so many things which kept the Telugu language in higher levels and showed to the world that Telugu people will do everything.

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