APT Worrying US

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Americans are tired of hearing the name ‘APT 41’. Abbey .. This is not related to our APC. It is the name of a China hacker group.
Experts Online, a cyber security firm called “Fire Eye”, are investigating criminals and tracking down criminals. Recently APT41 was one of the most efficient Chinese groups. Recent research on Chinese servers has revealed many details about this APT41.

It is a well known fact that the Chinese government itself, for the benefit of others, is raising a number of hacker groups for the purposes of its country. But Fire Eye Intelligence sources say that ‘APT 41’ is the most powerful of them all.

APT 41 has been very active since 2012. This is particularly aimed at the video game industry. These are some of the filings of crypto currency frads. In the last seven years, the APT41 hacker group has become very strong.

The uniqueness of this group is that they are very active. Don’t target anyone until they achieve it. Many times if someone wants to target and steal that information … it is not possible because of the digital security arrangements that are in place. Other hackers then say – “This is a bit embarrassing. Let’s see what happens.” But this APT 41 group is not. Repeat the process by creating different types of malware and achieving the desired target. This is their specialty. This is exactly what they were doing – research by Fire Eye showed that up to 150 different types of malware codes were used in just one year to crack a target.
This hacker group, which is being promoted by the Chinese government – in addition to the task assigned to it by their government – is in the middle of the swami’s activity. They are being left unattended by the authorities. After all, they have to be a little generous after the thieves start nurturing. What can we do tomorrow tomorrow? This is a sponsored hacking situation in China!

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