Apple Loyals Jump To Android! Vice Versa!


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The distance from the hills … the smell of the neighborhood … we have such proverbs. They are also technically in terms of technology. This is because many Apple users have come out after using the Apple phone … This interface is not very good and goes to Android that it is very difficult. Also, many people want to leave Apple and go to Apple, but do not worry. But in the meantime, the survey says that there is a lot of shifts from here and there!

Apple from Apple to Apple? – They have many points out when they surveyed. Some people say “Apple user interface is not good, we do not understand” … going to Android. This is the reason why half of the reasons for switching from Apple! Apple style is not used for heavy buttons. So do things like going to the back of screen in Apple … do not seem to be easy for some. The Apple interface seems uncomfortable for those who are not familiar or unwanted. That’s not the case in the Android. All buttons are clear. The secret is, however, once the apple interface gets accustomed to, it is difficult to use Android again. Those who come out of Apple do not know this thing.

Android Experience Experience is not good .. Apple will be good to go from Apple to Apple. This is the reason why half of the people from Apple to Apple. While Apple phones do not like the features … if you have a fourth one to think that there are more in the Android … Thinking like this is that Apple has more features than Apple and it’s about a quarter of the people. Do you know what a third of the people are saying? “The prices of Apple phones are high and the prices of Apple phones are still going as the models change. In Android, there are more features that have more features than Android.”

And while analyzing the reasons why … Some say that the number of apps is no. Their concept is that “there are more apps in the Android than in apple … useful for different needs”. There are more apps in apple than Apple and there are those who come from there. It is true that lakhs of apps in both platforms are true. But the paid apps key and the free apps are the ones that give them the idea – the greater the feelings there are.

Customer Service … Apple is better than Android .. There are people who think that Android is better than Apple. But most of the Apple software updates are not going to be up and running towards Android. For the same reason, if you come from Apple to Apple – they are less likely to be. While Apple Updates are not Frequent – they are very reliable and the new version has a noticeable novelty. There are many reasons for this.

Anything that is right beside us is natural to the feeling of feeling good. Perfectly, any high-end phone will be better. However, the man with the surrounding pepper filling can make it jump from it.

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