‘Apple’ ‘Bitten’ By 16-Year-Old Boy!

Ever looked at Apple logo? It is bitten. Actually, a teen guy has bittena bit of bit of Apple recently. Generally people think that Apple servers are very secure, no one can hack and no one can steal the information from there. However, a 16-year-old boy hit the Apple servers and pushed Apple’s security standards into doubt. He easily Hacked Apple, how ever.

This boy from Melbourne, Australia,has downloaded 90 GB of secured files and authotised keys which are supposed to access only using username and password. This is a big thing to have downloaded a 90 GB of such files from Apple servers that too which belong to user accounts.

However when Apple caught the boy and asked why, he said that he loves Apple a lot and he wants to join it after proving his ‘talent’.

What’s the name of that boy? Apple did not reveal the name of this boy yet, according to juvenile law, of course. However after counselling the talented guy Apple may allow him get into as an employee as per his wish, but if done so – we fear more teens would follow this way.

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