What Happened To ‘Akasham Ni Haddura’ Aparna?

Aparna Balamurali's Health Is Not Good At All. Admitted To Hospital Yesterday. And It Seems To Be Now And Then.

Stay tuned. We do not like all this. This is the latest news coming out on social media.

Some have completely forgotten the ethics for views on social media. In the craze of creating sensations … even if the celebrities are not dead … they are writing that they are gone.


People may think that it is true that the fallen are gone at a young age. But what else needs to be done to create a sensation? It must be said that those who are old and those who have craze are dead. After seeing how much sensation the death of Kannada star Puneet has created recently – some people are coming up with such clumsy ideas. That is why the myths were created that the crazy heroine Aparna Balamurali was about to die.

Aparna has recently acted in ‘Soorarai Potru’ with Surya. Adenandi .. ‘Akasham nee Haddura’ in Telugu. People said it was wonderful to see Aparna acting in it. And such a talented heroine … People fell in love with what it means to fall ill. It turns out that there is no such thing .. It is only the creation of some social media elite in Maliwood‌ ..

Malayalam heroine Aparna Balamurali has been rumored to be in critical condition for a few days. Aparna was admitted to the hospital with high fever and her condition was critical, social media reported.

As far as the news was concerned – in the end Aparna responded .. alas there is no such thing baboy‌ – had to say to himself loudly.

“There have been various rumors circulating about my health for a few days now. I am very healthy. Please stop spreading such news. None of my friends and relatives need worry,” she wrote on social media. As if for proof … “I’m sharing photos of” Niramaya Retreats “I went to recently” she shared some photos on social media.

Don’t miss it. As the certificate shows that pensioners are alive every year – even celebrities who have been attacked on social media have to prove that they are not dead. Profiles and photos should also be shown. The trend is like that again!

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