AP – Chandrababu – A White Paper

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Like ‘Amma-Naanna-O Tamilamayi’ now we had to give a title – ‘AP – Chandrababu – a white paper’. The white paper is a note to the public about what happened as a clear about a subject. But white paper in the usual sense – a white paper, means a blank paper. Now the AP situation is the same! If Chandrababu stays in the hands of the state that it can develop in difficult situations – what has not been done because of lack of co-operation from the center – now in his white paper. If he has believed and trusted him for four and a half years, it is necessary to think what it means to people. Does it show Chandrababu purity? Or what’s the inability to fail?

The Telugu Desam Party wants to tell people how much the development of the Chief Minister is in the limited budget of the TDP. So if Modi gives this people a clarion to the south and then speaking – the party will benefit the party. All the details about Polavaram in the past – like Pavankalyan and Undavalli, Chandra Babu demanded a white paper, Chandrababu did not react. But now he is approaching the White Paper to prove that the Center did not help. Seeing what happened in these four-and-a-half years, Modi has not given us anything, but still loses it “, once again giving the people the power to give the indication that the task is done – Chandrababu is a white paper. However, it is not clear how the Chandrababu white paper is pure – it is satisfying to the public. Because the Andhra people are already shattered with the words of Chandrababu. It is unlikely that people will show a positive attitude towards Chandrababu, who alleges that Modi did not cooperate. Why is there a four-and-a-half-year-old Modi? They ask. And no project has been completed because Modi did not cooperate, did not even make a permanent structure? What employment opportunities do not you have? – There are also questions being negotiated.

If the voters are to be re-broadcasted and ask votes – Chandrababu has to answer their questions effectively and answer the people. It is not enough to give a white paper, only four. How pure are those white papers – “Abba, how great is our Chandrababu!” They Want – Progress Prospects .. Employment Opportunities … Guaranteed to the Future! No white words will make them happy when they do not. There is a risk of laughing white smile. Because – take the meaning – white paper means white paper. One letter is also written paper. If the answer is no whichever is written in the test, the answer to the sheet is whiteness – except marks are zero – “Oh, this pupil is honestly rendered the answer sheet!” – No one does not get a hundred marks. It is true that Chandrababu does not have a hundred marks due to white letters, at least pass marks. So – Chandrababu has to focus on speeding up the white paper and speeding up the work.

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