Another Stylish Star In Malayalam

Sania is striking with style rather than beauty

Allu Arjun Named as a stylish star, got craze in Malayalam and became ‘Mallu Arjun’. But did you know that in Malayalam, a heroine is getting popular is ‘Stylish Queen’? Beauty is not just about being beautiful. One can be beautiful through behavior, through words, through gestures and even walk. And if they are in the field of glamor – in dress sense … show style in acting on the walk and thus bring a special identity among the people. Allu Arjun is not at all handsome for that matter. His appearance in the film Gangotri is very different from what it is today. So – no matter how glamorous the film is, it will not sink in as little as the eye-catching beauty. With style and the confidence that has accumulated over time, it seems that there are no exceptions. Now with that formula the Malayalee is getting the name of the stylish queen. Sania Ayyappan is the name of the stylish star who looks a bit solid.She came as a child actress. Later in 2018 she starred in the movie Queen‍. She made her debut as an actress. Sania has wrapped up music videos, short films, web series and TV serials. Eventually – though not a big hit as the mainstream movie heroine – she became known as the Stylish Queen. She is also in Lucifer Nisima starring Mohanlal and directed by Prithviraj. Mammootty also appeared in the recent movie The Priest. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

To say that you can clash with style even if you are not very beautiful – then Rajinikanth, then Allu Arjun … now Sania Ayyappan can be cited as examples! However, some may disagree if Sania is limited to just being a stylish queen. Sania is also known for her beauty.
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