Another movie @ ‘Ragala 24 Gantallo’ Success Meet

Satyadev, Esha Rebba, Shriram, Ganesh Venkatraman and Muskan Sethi are the main actors of the movie. The film was screened by the fame fame Srinivasa Reddy. The film was produced by Srinivas Kanuri under the banner of Shri Nawahas Creations under the submission of Sri Karthikeya Celluloids. This suspense thriller has recently been released with a varied plot. Success runs full day with growing support. In this context, Prasad Labs set up the Team Success Meet in 24 hours.

Speaking at the ceremony, Satyadev said … Thanks to the audience who have rescued this film. Director Srinivas Reddy, however, the same thing happened. Our producer Srinivas is making this film without compromising on story, past performance, camera work, ragha brush music, good quality … all these are the reasons why this movie is such a big hit. Isha Rebba has performed brilliantly. This is what the Congrats say to Isha. Thanks to Producer Gorky and Director Garki for giving me the chance to act in this film.

Anurag, Ajay, Ganesh, Vamsi … each one performed very well. Wonderful was a hit as everyone played well. Thanks to Ma PRVos Vamsi – Shekhar who was instrumental in bringing this film to the audience. I am very happy if everyone is talking about Raghu Anna’s background score. Editing Supr. The film is brilliantly edited without getting bored. Those who have not seen the movie are going to see it in the theater.

Actor Raviwarma says … Thriller movie is like any center movie but .. our movie plays very well in C and B centers. Seeing the support coming to the film, the theater is also increasing. Screenplay, twists, … all of this has come to the fore. The audience will know after the movie whether we are speaking or not. Don’t look at Amazon. Look in the theater itself. I hope this film will be an even bigger hit.

Music composer Raghu Kunche said … It is very difficult to bring the audience to the theater in these situations. However, good movies are being enjoyed by the audience. Sitting in the theater and watching the movie … That Kikke Verapa. Viewers who have seen the movie say that the movie is good. Good reviews. Background score, editing … all the departments are written about. I was very happy to see the reviews. Everyone wants to see it in the theater.

Cameraman Anji said … Srinivasa Reddy made comedy films. SOCIO FANTASY PULLED UP. Many friends have asked how a thriller makes a movie. This thriller movie was also shot by Srinivasare Reddy. Everyone praises Satyadev for making a negative roll. I saw the movie in the Mallikharjuna Theater. If the audience is clapping .. It seems very happy that our task is close. Our producer Srinivas Garu made the film without compromising it. Thanks to all the supporting audiences.

Actor Ganesh Venkatraman said … Team Work Law worked for this film. Happy to be a film success today. After the fun, Malli is happy to be in the film with Srinivasa Reddy. Satyadev and Esha played wonderfully. Raghu Music, Angi Camera Work, Tammiraju Editing .. The film is a plus. Everyone with family is going to watch this movie.

Speaking of heroine Muskan … I feel very fortunate to be in the film. In this, Meghana is the character. Thanks for the cameraman Anjagaru Nun for being so beautiful. Satyadev, Isha, Raghu Gary’s music, editing … Each one was well-behaved. That is why this success has come.

Producer Srinivas Kanuri said … The film is good from distributors. I am very happy with the message that the collections are good. Thanks to Srinivas older brother who gave a good movie. Some producers and visionaries also congratulated the film. Raghavendra Rao phoned … Srinivasa Reddy thought how to make a thriller movie. Appreciating that the gripping is so good is an indelible feeling. The CM office also received a message saying that the movie is good. If these people appreciate … there are no limits to my happiness. Isha and Satya are both Telugu. Making this film with Telugu actors .. It is such a success … I am giving thanks to the audience on this occasion.

Heroine Esha Rebba said … My character is good. Apart from this, A to Z is good, which is the reason behind our director Srinivasa Reddy and producer Srinivas. This is the dream of the couple. Ma Srinivas wants Marin to make good films

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