Anisha Ambrose As Miss Universe


Though being beautifully attractive – heroine Anisha Ambrose could not get fame for her bad selection of movies. But now in the role of ‘Jenny’ in the movie ‘Seven’ Anisha’s look is tremendous. Anisha has been in movies since 2013. She started her film career with a movie named Alias ​​Janaki. Though acted in many films like Gopala Gopala, Unnadi Okate Zindagi, Ee Nagaraaniki Emmaindi? – she could not get any recognition. In Kannada, she acted in a romantic film ‘Second Hand Lover’, and in a horror film named ‘Karva’. Karva was a hit. But did not help her career. In Malayalam too, she has done a film called Vismayam. Now in Telugu she is acting in ‘Vithalacharya’. And lately in a movie named ‘Seven’. After Bahubali it became common to introduce characters in the movies one by one. Jenny is the character done by Anisha in the movie ‘Seven’. Anisha looks stunning as Jenny. People are commenting that she resembles once Miss Universe Sushmita Sen. Let’s see if this film gives Anusha a break.

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