Andhra People Happy On KCR’s Comments On Babu?

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A group of media alleged that the YSP and Janasena are supporting KCR. when he is rudely commenting on Chandrababu –  The truth is that it is – the enemy is the friend of the friend – KCR is the beneficiary of the AP as they have damaged the image of Chandrababu – K.R.R. Whether the two parties enjoy it or not, it is strange that some common people in Andhra are also supporting KCR comments.

The Andhra Pradesh people who krei KRR to Nanny till now – what are the reasons for his support now? – Would not you think there is no danger to the KCR? Or is it kissing the truthfulness of KCR? Otherwise – is it boring up to Chandrababu to come to a decision earlier this time to defeat him?

Who is the reason for the absence of the capital of Andhra? Kesiare! He was also criticized by the common Andhra Pradesh once he was robbing Telangana. Andhra biriyani is a padda, that is the name of the devil, the lakka (Andhra) in the name of the demons – the Andhra people are evil! And what he did with the worst comments that the Andhra people have forgotten? Why did you forget How can they forget the critique of KCR, which every single member of the ordinary priest Gundeni who was living in the capital, had been injured in Hyderabad? If the day of Chandrababu is to develop a new capital – if it does not have enough funds – what are the reasons? Who is wrong with the situation of the Andhra people? – The Telangana people who have driven the radiation without the capital, the KCR who is leading the movement is also a mistake or not? – Some are asking.

Okay. Let’s see Chandrababu just done wrong. At the time of emergencies, he is the one who is not a state of treachery. But if that happens – the moon will blow the moon. He should not be given this time. And why is it that KCR, who is the main cause of our capital, is to reassure him? – some Andhra people argue. Lazykke mary!
But what is the reason for the Andhra people to show some approval if the chief minister is heading their chief minister? – Thinking that the Telangana people seem to be their state rather than just as a state. Telangana’s and KCR did not make any trouble for common Andhra in Hyderabad. There seems to be a rise in tensions between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. If the KCR is ahead with the same harmony as the main reasons for the positive response of KCR in the Andhra Pradesh – his image is likely to grow in Andhra. Like the politicians, people should also say that this is an example of the need for change.

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