All Parties Have The Hopes On That Vote

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An analysis of the major parties is that any large number of women and elderly voters in Andhra Pradesh will benefit from the polls on Thursday. Even though EVMs have come to the scene, terrorists are terrified, even though women and elderly people are polling till midnight till they wait for hours and they are ready to vote for the Telugu Desam and YSRCP. YSRCP believes that it is against the government and therefore voted for it to change. Telugu Desam believes that the Orchid also voted for their rule because of the difficulty of running yellow saffron and old age pension. YSRCP believes that TDP feels that people do not struggle hard to vote, and voted for the change of five years to win. Whose estimates, analyzes, deam, belief are theirs.

Increased voting estimates
YSRCP commented that the polling percentage has gone up compared to the 2014 polls and this will lead to public opposition. It is not a simple formula but it does not give that kind of results in Tamil Nadu. Polling ended in the aftermath of the midnight after a lot of trouble. The parties continue to make deeper analyzes ever since the results are still ten days a week. The two parties are saying that they will win one by one, even if they do not get enough seats to form the government. Experiences in Karnataka in the purchase of MLAs (Horse Trading) will now be seen in Andhra Pradesh too! The bargains, the jeep jalanis are beginning!

Who is the proportion of polling?
Political analysts have commented on several occasions that if the polling percentage goes up it would be negative to the ruling party and the opposition party would be in favor. But there are many examples of the fact that it is not true in all cases. In the recently concluded Telangana Assembly elections, the TRS party, which has been in power for five years, has won again. The polling percentage is higher than the previous one. But this has only benefited the ruling party over the opposition party. This was also the case when YSR had been the chief minister for the second time in 2009. This is a 1.2 percent increase compared to the previous election. In the last election, the opposition is more than 1.7% of the votes tied to the TDP over the YSRCP. The Kapu Social Society vote bank is in favor of TDP in the last election. Analysts believe that this time Janasana party will break the vote bank and it will hurt Chandra Babu more than Jagan. This time, women and elderly people are entitled to vote in favor of the advantage of the TDP and YSRCP. Their vote bank is now hoping for two parties. These two parties are focused on the future strategy of making field analyzes and analyzing field reports because of over a month.

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