‘Akhanda’ Is Like A Visual Wonder!

'Akhanda' Is Like A Visual Wonder - Producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy

Nandamuri Balakrishna, Star Director Boyapati Sreenu Combination’s upcoming hat trick movie ‘Akhanda’ will be released worldwide on December 2. Miryala Ravinder Reddy is producing a blockbuster film on Dwarka Creations. Pragya Jaiswal plays opposite Balakrishna. Producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy captivated the media as part of Akhanda Promotions. Those news ..

We started this movie before the arrival of Corona. The teaser was released during Corona. We did the shooting after the first lockdown. We released a short teaser on the second lockdown. We shot the climax after the second lockdown. After all the coronas we are now releasing the movie. Akhand knows exactly how the journey of big movies is going to be.

Journey with Balakrishna Gary can not be put into words. Balakrishna who speaks outside is separated. Balakrishna, who appears after traveling with him, is separated. Balakrishna separates on screen.

The film is yet to be released. Has been postponed due to corona. The movie is all over before the second lockdown. But the climax, there is only one song in balance. How many more days are we waiting for when the movie is over? Many offers also came from OTT. We decided it was correct to see a movie like this in the theater. Everyone has doubts about the revenue and response if a big movie is released in theaters. But we moved on. Should someone step in ?. Crack became a super hit after the first lockdown. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. Definitely looking at the response coming to this movie one would think that Corona is not there. Again the former glory comes.

The distributors all together decided on a release date. We were supposed to come on December 24th. But everyone thought December 2 was the right date.

20 minutes after the start of the movie .. you will see it till the end. Visual is a wonder.

Before the story of any movie. After that star hero or star director. But for the big heroes, the story line is not enough. They carry themselves. Their fans carry on.

Boyapati should make Balakrishna’s 100th film. During the movie Legend, Boyapati told the story of this movie to Balakrishna with the working title ‘Mahajjatakudu’. All rights reserved. Boyapati told Balakrishna to take Dwarka Creations with Ravinder Reddy.

Akhanda means infinity .. undeniable truth. After watching the movie .. why did you give that title? It seems that. The title is perfect for the story.

Agoras are not people who are not related to society. They react to God and nature rather than the individual. Coming up with such a character is the story of solving problems.

In the career of Boyapati Gary and in the career of Balakrishna Gary, is there any other film that has been released on so many screens so far? Akhanda can be seen in almost all the theaters in the two Telugu states. It is also being released on a massive scale overseas. In Melbourne, however, bookings were full within an hour of opening.

Cinema is personal, it only concerns the four of us. The decisions they make will seem correct to them. We may be embarrassed. But we have to respect whatever decision the government takes.

The movie was launched when there was no corona, no increase in ticket rates. We thought of a budget to reduce it. But due to circumstances the budget increased. We may not make as much profit at current rates.

Corona was unable to go out and shoot. That’s why we did the sets right here. The climax was shot at a temple in Arunachal Pradesh. That temple is awesome.

It should not be seen that there are two characters in this. That second character is Superman. More to man, less to God. Superhero.

The pre-release event was planned on a massive scale. But we wanted to make the surgery simple for Balakrishna Gari. That is why we have planned a pre-release event at Shilpa Art Venue.

How Jagapathi Babu’s career took a turn with Legend movie .. Srikanth’s career turns with Akhanda movie. Jagapathi Babu is also in the film. Some are Seanley. But played an important role in guiding the film.

Taman believed more than we believed. Gave better music than expected. There will be a lot of talk about Taman after the release of the film.

The heroine has a lot of importance. It’s not like that.

I really like concept based movies. I will do similar movies in the future. Both films are under discussion.

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