‘Ajay Pasayyadu’ From A Journo Director

Well-known film journalist, author bikeisvar by writing the film, Ajay passed. This entertaining, inspiring movie made by Bharatham Creations banner is being directed by Prem Bhagirad and produced by Magaupu Surya Kamala-Y.Rajendra in the lead. Ajay Aman and Saikiran are the heroines of the movie. The film is directed by Jhansi and Sivanarayana.
Surya Kamala-Y.Rajendra, producers of Magadu, announced the release of the movie. Our director Prem Bhagirad’s ‘Ajay Pasayadu’ Laughing and laughing, ‘Ajay pasayyadu’ will delight everyone. Bikeisvar writing, Literary Srinivas music, the cast and crew’s performance in light of the film are high. We are confident that Ajay Pasayadu released on January 4 will pass in Distinction.

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