Ad That Sells Honesty Like A Commodity!

Nagarjuna's grandfather is in this ad video.

Nowadays corruption has grown everywhere – Truth is also becoming a selling commodity. Here’s … scams happen everywhere. “No matter who’s corrupted, we’re very honest,” which company says – that brand has to trend these days. The latest proof is that Nagarjuna acted Kalyan Jewellers Ad.

In this video, Nagarjuna acted as a grandfather, who comes to office with a child.’ He returns the extra money he gets. Keep this money for yourself … who will know that thing? – says the other person – Nagarjuna speaks powerfully by saying “I know”. Of course! Honesty is not to be for others. It’s important for us to be honest. This is the good thing shown in this ad!

Vivekananda Swamy once said, “Due to the police, some people in the community who are not thieves, but they are not righteous. The people who never steal when others didn’t even notice when he was stealing or the persons who will be honest for themselves are the real honest people. But unfortunately, in today’s society, There is no honesty in the people. That’s why – 100% morality becomes a rare thing …Nowadays sellers are making honesty as a brand to sell their products. They attracting customers and believing them. All are saying it as a marketing technique.

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