About Which ‘Sarkar’? : Movie Review

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If the follow-up formula is a follower of the teacher, whether or not success is always a guarantee. However, The Great Director Shankar’s followers always follow their formula. Shankar has invented a good formula that could be used as a full commercial film rather than just a notable film, with the use of massive architectural values, graphics and technology. His first gentleman came from the gentleman – until yesterday’s robot – except in the movies – he has followed the same formula. His followers such as AR Murugadas and Sushi Ganesan are following the same formula as message + majesty + technology = commercialism … Sushi Ganeshan Vikram’s heroine Mallanna, Murugadoss’s ‘Stalin’ knife (Prison number 150) and ‘Spider’ Did Tamil Nadu Vijay walk in Shankar Formula ‘Sarkar’ to get Murugadoss to use for his political debut? Let’s see if it is successful.

Where ‘only one’, where ‘one vote’
Shankar showed that the only one in the film ‘One Only’ was a direct man with the Chief Minister and creating a sensation to be the Chief Minister of the day. Murugadas seems to have changed some sort of thing. If there is a common man in the movie, the hero here is a big celebrity. There was only one day when the Chief Minister played the game with the point – he showed me playing a game about his only “one vote”.

Message + Technology + Globality

Majority in terms of structural values ​​are visible. A lady-like villain resembling Jayalalithaa’s putting it on is the controversy that was used for the character Jayalalitha’s original name (Komalavalli). Even though Tamil cinema has taken the film, the movie is now well connected due to the election season. Pawan Kalyan’s fans are especially keen on the film. That’s the plus point! It’s good. But the great elements of this film are very low. In a sense, Shankar is a simple film that is strictly followed by the format. But the first one is to create a concrete in the movie in two scenes – it is a great way to lock our interest. But Interval Bang is not great.

Lucky people!
The second half did not have great twists and curiosity. Varalakshmi Sharath Kumar is very good in action. Though Vijay’s performance is good, his style of style, walk style – a lot of opinion about the Tamil Mind set. Though Tamil heroines Surya Karti has stayed in Telugu – like Vijay Pankar, it is a good reason to do so in Telugu. Whatever acting – Vijay did well. But there is no great thrill of unexpected performance in this film. Anyway in the current political environment – it’s good luck in this election season. There are some cinematic scenes in the cinematic mode of seeking new politics. If they get the pleasure of the cinematographers – the film certainly stands out. Otherwise it will remain an average. That’s it!

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