Samsung Releases 49″ Monitor Odyssey Neo G9

Odyssey Neo G9 is the new monitor released by Samsung

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TV monitor‌ means stay away and watch – the bigger it is, the happier it is. But computer ‌ monitor ‌ is not so? Sit in front and look at it closely. That’s why – usually a computer ‘monitor’ means something .. 17 inches .. or 21 inches people fit. Well … special interest, those who can afford that interest will go for bigger gaming monitors. Another six eleven inches are raised and a 27 or 32 inch monitor is placed. Or another monitor is added next to the monitor.

But a 49-inch monitor too? Babu .. If it is bigger than Ultra HD TVs .. How can we use it for computer? Don’t say. Samsung’s latest monitor is 49 inches long. However – there is no need to worry that it is difficult to see. The same is not true in 4×3 format or 16×9 format. It is ultravid. That is, it goes horizontally and is like a movie scope. So easy to watch. Its view is original. Its name is Odyssey Neo G-Nine‌. Odyssey Neo G9. This is the new version of the Odyssey G9 that Samsung has just released. It uses Quantum Mini-LED (QLED +) technology. Do not ask for rates. It has not yet been released worldwide. Available only in South Korea. Is the toy shocking?

Samsung has launched the Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor in its home market in South Korea. The new monitor is the successor to the Odyssey G9. The two models share many similarities, but the Neo G9 looks like a bigger improvement than its predecessors. The Odyssey Neo G9 is Samsung’s first mini-LED gaming monitor, and it delivers a higher quality overall product than the G9. The 49-inch Neo G9’s display is an improvement over the QLED display retained in the Odyssey G9.

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