A website for the missing girl!


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Advertise for the missing. Police are given the Compliant. There are also web sites that enter the details of the missing. However, the creation of a web site for just one girl missing recently happened in America.
A 20-year-old girl named ‘Molly Tibbets’ from Iowa University in Los Angeles was missing. She does not appear since July 18. Finally, she was jogging in Loew’s home town of Brooklyn. That was not visible, no one knew what. Now the Crime Investigation Division of Iowa launched a website to discover the girl. https://findingmollie.iowa.gov/ is the address of this website.

The problem is that there is little evidence in this missing case. Hence the criminal investigation department is based on the front cameras. Then we are going to the forefront of an innovative way to find out who the original person is on the surveillance of the people who appeared on the video. Molly’s day was missing on July 18th between 10pm and 10pm in the area – if anybody had acknowledged that someone had done something suspicious, they wanted to be notified through this website. The names of the informers have been arranged to get out.
If we know how much information they are gathering, we know how great their investigation is growing. For example, people who appear in the video may be guilty. It is wrong to find out who he is. Whoever doubts –

Anyone who has done anything different than routine things on the day of the crime is taken into consideration. That is, they may be skeptical if they drop school or job, leave on vacation on that day and can not make definite details. Also, anyone who appears in this video is suspected of carrying, selling, dispersing a vehicle to repair shop. Suddenly the vehicle is cleaned, but it is usually susceptible to the routine cleaning of the vehicles, even if it is done during the night. Also from July 18 to July 19 – people who are not available on the phone or in the other are also suspected. It is doubtful that even if someone has done things to change the shape of their face, such as shoveling and hair cuts, Also, anyone who is overly suspicious of tension and emotion is suspect. Also, if any of them are hit with blows … if it can not tell the right cause, it will be fixed. Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are suspected of being overly overwhelmed by those dates. In the case of sleeping, it is also susceptible to unscrupulous people. Also, those who are interested in how the investigation is going to be suspected. In addition, Molly Tibbets is also suspicious of what will happen in the media.

On the day that you find all the addresses in the video that they find there, they are suspicious of what they are in the above mentioned positions, even if they match any of the above points. Such deep research is being done to catch criminals. We really want Molly Tibbets to find and come home safely. Let’s hope for their efforts. Look again at Molly Tibbets. You may also suspect

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