A Movie With A MEANINGLESS Title

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The name of the movie is ‘Aishwarya Rama’! No wonder that the name of this name is not known, but … no one would ever feel like going into the language of Telugu cinema. Good luck is called good luck. Aishwarya is called to bless in terms of life. Aishwarya is the blessing of the Aishwarya. What is a wealth of money? We can not do what we think of shame, but the music has been released as well. There is no way to know Telugu for half a week. Sadly, this is the same title title. The temptation is like the temptation of the minds of the Telangana … Masturbation is a blessing … However, if the Telugu people do not know their language, what is the profit? Once the language of the film – a guide to the nation. Because – the film industry – because the artistic literary intellectuals have come together in one place! Now that the industry is high in the industry – perhaps ignorance of language, such a disgrace for language!

Do you have a small mistake in one Came back. It is our responsibility to save our language as a Teluguman. Superstar Krishna Cinematic title Ashwaththama was written to write Ashwaththama. That’s wrong. Are they better than that? I do not know. But maybe. But if you do not care about language, it is like this. That’s our duty. Still heal. It’s enough for half a dubbing. Direct Telugu Cinema

Okay. Our responsibility is gone. Read the news that you are here.
‘Aishwarya Rama Muktha’ is a music launch
Arya, Vishal, Sattanam, Thamanna, Bhan, starring Shri Shri Shulini Durga Productions banner in Mrs.Varam Maghavi is the film ‘Aishwarya Bhimasastha’. M. Rajesh is the director. Wang Jai Kumar is the producer. King of the Movie Soundtrack CD music diimman keijnanavel Prasad Labs in Hyderabad, which was released Wednesday.
Ramesh Prasad said, “My father is a big landlord. Growing up slowly reached great levels. As a director. All the movies related to the film have been very good. Prasad Productions Silver Jubilee has taken a lot. We’ve done a lot of movies that have family-friendly family viewing. Ek Tujy Kalee also did. All of these have created wonders. Apart from my father’s movies, I was not the one to invest on another. That’s why we have offices in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Everyone knows about our Prasad productions. We have an Auditor as Nandagopal. People think of the movie because I think I am at this level and set up a charitable trust, and allocated a space for a few. Nageshwara Rao is a doctor. He is also like my father, who is a saint. He came to our country to serve our people. Our Eye Institute has international recognition. It is a project that will be useful for future generations. We have 50 per cent free service there, “he said.
Producer Warm Jait Kumar said, “We are releasing the film for Dasara. We hope to be successful. Thanks to everyone offering support. ”
Keijnanavel Raja – “the producer of the film is a success, it has also brought jayantku. I have good association with Arya. I am doing a movie with him. It is a superhit movie in Tamil and I wish to have a big success in Telugu too. ”
Hero Arya said “Good Hilary entertainer. Jayanth’s attempt in Telugu is a big success. I wish to rise to the positive person jayan. I wish you a big hit in Telugu “.

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