A Beautiful director Grace Antony

A Malayalam beauty .. besides doing good roles in movies .. now she has also directed a short film .. her name is Grace Anthony. She is a beautiful Malayalam girl. She acted in her self-directed short film called “K-nowledge” which surprised everyone.

It is a mistake to think that beautiful heroines are limited to acting. What snake is in any mound? Who knows what talent is in any blonde …? If the heroines feel limited to acting .. Will they become a fetishist, a successful director? With their inspiration, lady directors like B. Jaya and Nandinireddy were able to show their talent. In the current social media trend of looking after them, some female lady talented artists are called ‘Mahatalli’ and Frustration Woman is directing themselves in the web series. However, apart from these movies and web series, we have less girls who only make short films. Four short films based on any YouTube channel – very few names went into the masses. Most important of all, our short films have little to do with movies. Because the range of these budgets is different, the range of those budgets is different.

Grace Anthony was introduced to the movie Happy Wedding in Maliwood. In it she entered acting with the role of Tina. The film was a great success. After that she did good roles in movies like Kamboji, Georgetowns Pooram, Lakshyaam, Sarvakalasala. Last year, he impressed everyone with his performance in the movie ‘Kumbalangi Nights’. Grace’s name changed in Maliwood as the movie became a super hit. On top of that it brought more craze with movies like Funny, Every Poovan Chicken, Sajan Bakery. She is currently starring in the movie ‘Halal Love Story’. All in all, this short film directed by Grace for the first time has been a great success. She is thinking of making short films with more good concepts. It remains to be seen if more heroines will follow in Grace’s footsteps in the short film trail.

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