5G phone arrived!

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4G phones are not all available yet. Meanwhile, the 5G phone has come down. Everything that comes to the start of 2019 is ahead! Technology is just that! Verizon, the phone provider company in the United States, released the first 5G phone. This is Motorola phone. Model name Moto G3 .. (G is the American ji .. that means Zed .. Moto Z3)

This is the first 5G phone. But this is not a full 5G phone. At present, the 5G capability is installed on this motorphone as an ‘add on’. Fully equipped with 5G facility, it will take some time for phones to come in. Why is that so great? Came back. It really works with 5G speeds. But does not the 5G facility available yet? Upon this, you can use this phone to upgrade. That is why it is a 5G up graded phone.

What about features?
5G Ready Facility … Two-inch Edge-to-Edge Display Play … Two cameras behind depth sensing … The greatest feature is this … This is a modular phone. This means that in addition to the parts that are on the phone – you can add additional hardware parts. For example, 5G module can be added. The projector, stereo speaker can connect to the phone. Is not it good If not … the battery capacity is not great. 3000 MaH only!

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