5 Great Tips To Work Productive From Home!

5 Great Tips To Work Productive From Home!

Now the culture of working from home has grown tremendously all over the world. While there are some flexibility when working in the office – there are some comforts when working from home. However, there have been criticisms that productivity is being compromised when working from home. Studies around the world have shown that what a person does in 5 or 6 hours while in the office does not happen even if they do 10 hours away from home. What is the reason for this? Analyzing that …. a lot of things are coming out.

5 Great Tips To Work Productive From Home! 1

Having a kind of relaxation while working at home – if one reason is not sitting as seriously at work as in the office – is likely to lead to many distractions that disturb the work at home. However, productivity experts are now saying some tips. Here are 5 tips to help you stay productive, even when working from home. These are not the tips that Iveo Ashamashi is saying. Work from home, done, listening to the experiences of many jobs, analyzing them and making ideas … Let’s look at those 5 tips.

1st Tip
Converting travel time to exercise time.
Most people who work from home do not have to go to the office. That is, the journey to go …. the journey to come …. both of these will decrease. However, many people use that free time to sleep for a while … relax. Don’t want to go anywhere … take a nap for a while with the intention of whether we are working from home … or doing household chores at that time. But, this time should not be used for exercise. The study found that those who used that time in this way were able to give more productivity.

For example, going for a morning walk even if you don’t do a lot of exercises when you wake up …. as well as doing a little walking when you come home from the office in the evening …. to do things like this. If so the productivity will increase.

The important benefit of this is that … when you exercise regularly and go to the office work – even at home – the feeling of stepping into the work comes. As well as ending the day with evening exercises – the refreshment comes back home from the office. If you waste that time without exercising like this, use it differently – refreshment will come. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally in the office all day long. Researchers have found that exercise can help break this feeling.

2nd Tip
Fixing time to work.
In the office, however, the work is said to go well. But once we are at work seriously – there are some meetings in the middle. As well as adjacent colliegs can be disturbed. Even if someone says that … even if they disturb our work … not the Colleagues … let’s not say anything big. We are tempted to say no to disturbing. While in the same house? With a little control over our home … you can easily create a personal working environment by locking the door in a room. So … no matter how long we work … we have to create an environment where you can focus on your work as long as you do that work. Behold … I will work for these 2 hours … I will work again for these 3 hours later … Saying this – at those times – constant office work should be yours. Rest only at other times.

3rd Tip
Schedule meetings.
Even though we work from home, there may be occasional office meetings. Meetings are now taking place on Zoom or Google Meet. They are also disturbing! That is why – speaking in advance – everyone should decide on a fixed time before such meetings. The rest of the time should be planned for work. Otherwise – these meetings will disturb us when we are working with the mind. Total productivity is likely to be damaged. Also … meetings near home too! If they meet us at home – we also need to fix a time to meet them. If this meeting time is fixed then productivity will definitely increase.

4th Tip
Updating status from time to time.
It is very important to update the status from time to time after we go to work. No matter how hard you go to work and sit in that work seriously …. there is a risk of getting distracted for a while. That is why the status should be updated from time to time. For example, if the office wants to contact us … I’ll be at work at this time … I need to set up something like a protection so that no one can disturb us by putting a status there. Like … I won’t talk for half an hour. I will be at work for these 2 hours ….. What is the use of putting status like this – there is a guarantee that no one will disturb us during that time. So the benefit is – while we are working …. our mind is completely yours to work with. Some people – working side by side – alas …. do we get a call at this time … the message that someone is leaving a message at this time do not come to mind. It can’t work. Once the mobile is open, it takes a long time to get back to work. This can damage productivity.

Therefore – by updating our status and predicting when you will be out of work again – you will be able to get your work done sharply without anyone disturbing you until that time. That is why status update is so important.

5th Tip
Controlling our distractions ourselves.
Sometimes disturbances come from outside. But many times we disturb ourselves. Let’s run the mind here and there. It is important to control ourselves from such distractions. At a meeting in the office … at home but with relatives or guests … all of these may not be in our hands. But we can control our own disruption to our work by doing all sorts of things. It is in our hands. When we want to keep a particular time and work hard until that time is over … we have to adhere to that will.

Don’t go towards social media in the middle. Looking at Facebook posts … looking at WhatsApp messages … opening YouTube in the middle, checking the phone again … don’t do anything like that.

Focus on completing the task and then relax after doing it.

This is one of the pomodoro techniques that tells you how to balance time and rest. There are many advantages to this method. But basically it means – working 25 minutes in half an hour and taking only 5 minutes of rest. This is a great technique to increase productivity. A similar technique should be implemented.

If you follow these 5 techniques mentioned earlier, your productivity will be amazing even if you are doing office work from home. Ennorets will be able to do more work than you think. This is what work experts say! And, follow through. Check if yes.

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