2 Reasons For Mohan Babu’s Perseverance?

2 Reasons For Mohan Babu's Perseverance?

Mohan Babu is a very great actor. Senior with decades of experience. ‘Ma’ is a small community, even though it is not a movie. He thinks that his son should be the president of such a small community, he insisted a lot .. it is enough – to work hard to win him … Mohan Babu fans are very surprised to see all this. Because, Mohan Babu does not really need to do so for that small post. His level is very high. But, that is why he did it, speaking in two different ways in the cine categories.

2 Reasons For Mohan Babu's Perseverance? 1

One is that for a long time Mohan Babu seems to have nested some dissatisfaction with his descendants. Chiranjeevi, who once played a hero like himself, has grown into a megastar. In addition, about 10 heroes from his family entered the film industry. To whom have they established themselves by proving themselves successful in their own style. Recently, Vaishnav Tej also made his mark with the film ‘Kondapolam’. With the exception of Allu Sirish, all the heroes from Mega Compound have settled down to their respective levels and are making movies.

However, it goes without saying that the descendants of Itu Mohan Babu – despite some initial successes – have gradually fallen behind. Mohan Babu’s daughter Lakshmi also failed to make a name for herself in the film industry except for her success in TV shows. Vishnu Dhee did not get big hits except in one or two films like Ready for Anything. It is said that Mohan Babu may have been trapped in the form of dissatisfaction for a long time due to the lack of success at the expected level – hence Mohan Babu was so passionate about winning.

True, his successor will win, and it will be up to anyone to see for himself. It is no wonder that it seems so to a sensitive hearted artist. That is why – Mohan Babu says he wants to see his son as a benefactor, winning this election no matter how small the company is.

And the second reason ….. unless you think that Mohan Baba will be the successor of Dasari who is said to be a big direction for the film industry – Chiranjeevi will not come. Because, the affiliation with Dasari – Mohan Babu is not today. There are many instances where Dasari does not like Chiranjeevi. We must remember here that Dasari also made a film called ‘Mestri’ against the original Chiranjeevi. However, one similarity, one difference is that … Chiranjeevi and Dasari are one caste. However … Dasaridi and Mohan Babu are not of the same caste. In this legacy industry – the prestige of a ‘big direction for the industry’ – some say that Mohan Babu’s idea may be to take Chiranjeevi as his successor from Dasari.

These two factors have increased Mohan Babu’s perseverance and motivated him to see Vishnu as ‘our’ president anyway.

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