‘2 Friends’ Movie Trailer Released!


Ananthalakshmi Creations banner. Mulkalur Lakshmi Adi Mulkurugam Antharamudu – Mullalur Ramesh Naidu Producers. The film’s name is ‘to friends’. True Love is a tagline. Suresh, Akhil Karthik, Sonia, Farah is the heroine of the film and Srinivas is the director of GLB. The film is being completed and the producer C Kalyan has released the trailer.

He was delighted to be able to release the ‘Friends of the Friends’ trailer produced by Mulkuroor Ananthara Rama’s friends, The film was a huge success.

Producer Mulkalur Anantaraudu said “I am confident that in the fields of education, agriculture, real estate and finance, I believe that I will win the film too.” He said that he will do more good films in the future. Director Srinivas GLB said … “The film has come well because of the support from the producers who did not go back to the cost.”

The producers of this film, Polar Ghatikachalam, Cameraman Surender Reddy, famous financier Narapeddy and hero Akhil Karthik were also present on the occasion. Malkady Shivanarayana Reddy, Seyy Daivan producer Mrs. Bhavani

Dhanraj, Snigha, Sameer Datta, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Jayaprakash Reddy, Sai Prakash, Saudu Kokila, Kavitha, Ramesh Bhatt, DVRaghuram, Direction Shenoy, SriLaxmi, Krishnaveni, Y.Vijaya are the main characters of the film. Chirravur Vijay Kumar-Variukupala YADAGIRI-divairaghuram, choreography: svarnababu, Co-Director: naags Jagannath, editor Marthand kevenkates, Director of photography: tisa Rendar Reddy, story-words-music: polur ghatikacalam, executive producer mullaguru Venkatesh Naidu, producers: mullaguru anantaramudu, mullaguru Ramesh Naidu, screenplay and direction are by Srinivas jielbi

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