2-Day CM Oke Okkadu!


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We could see the two-day Chief Minister, whether the Karnataka Election was a felony or a governor there. Arjun was seen as one of the chief ministers of the day in a single film that Shankar had taken. Now we can see such a Chief Minister in politics right now. Politics can be seen on every party at any cost of the pedestal. But the constitution only took more seats to authorize the constitution. Well, if the right majority in this method is right. Otherwise, you have to go for other things. Things to do with other parties will also be taken into consideration. Who has more people’s support than most seats in Karnataka? Sean turned into thinking. Most of the people voted for Congress. When they met with JDS, they had more seats. Moreover, all of the internal inputs of the Congress, Mani, and JDS Kumaraswamy as CM candidate in the turmoil to hit the BJP anyway,

When the governor decided to hasten the matter, we were King, and sadly Yeddyurappa sworn in. Soon Sean turned in for two days and had to go back. If Yeddyurappa’s political horoscope is the beginning of a series of channels and stories, he has shown us a new movie called ‘Two Days Chief Minister’.

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