100000000 Credit Card Details Hacked!

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Capital One in the US. A 30-year-old woman from a reputable bank – has access to personal financial data of over 10 billion people. Hacking without any password, this capitol infiltrates into One Bank servers and retrieves the information. However – researchers say she has not yet used that information. However, research is still ongoing.

The man who made his way into the banking site was Page Edil Thompson, a software engineer. He is the Chief Technology Officer at a company called NetCrave.

It is not known if she has any other needs … or whether she is angry at Capital One – for some information about a company, or for a change.

She uses the name Erratic whenever she is involved in hacking. After being hacked, she has made a huge claim to her online platforms. Someone complained about it and an investigation was launched and she was arrested. However, the motive for this hack is yet to be ascertained. What are bankwalls saying? What? It is not uncommon! – Abbey! What the hell. They want to reassure their customers that your information is secure. Any digital information ever feels insecure – if you look at events like this!

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