Vijay Devarakonda ‘Nota’ Hyderabad Public Meet


Young hero Vijay Devarakonda and Mehrine in the lead up to the release of the Nauticala Movie is getting more promotions. The public meeting is being organized in the name of the film and the film is being given more boost. Today, the ceremony is held in Hyderabad. Ashwin, Vamsi Paidipally and Koratala Shiva are the main guests. The film is directed by Jnanvale Raja .. Anand Shankar is composed by Sam C Sundar.

Director Vamsi Paidipally said, “This is the best film for Anand Shankar for all the best. The film is a hit for technicians. Two years ago Vijay Nothing to Lose .. But Today Will Lose Nothing .. A Clan Plan for Himself Vireiyas showing him from the first film .. The hero of this movie is very rare. Dakkindivijay very strong built-in ID. Just keep watching this ..

Producer Gnanavel Raja said that Vijay starring Geetha Govindam was released in Tamilnadu in Tamil Nadu .. We did not come to answer..Nan Bahubali had to break records records Geeta Govindam .. No hero could achieve such records .. One Vijay Kai got it .. Here are some of the records that can be broken up .. Vijay has hard core fans in Tamil Nadu There are such fancies .. for a long time for the note .. Thanks to all who come to support this film Thanksgiving will be on October 5th ..

Heroine Mehrine said .. I am waited for October 5th .. I’m very excited to do the movie .. The movie is good too .. Enjoy all .. this movie is a must for everyone .. somewhere your expectations are reduced .. I want to be hit.

Nag Ashwin said, “Vijay is doing something similar to this film. There is a new point in the movie. There is a new point in the film. It turns out that Vijay, who changes the characters in each of the movies, is a very good man. Whenever he wants to make a good movie, I’m looking ..

Director Korathala Siva said that the producer Gnanavel Raja is very grateful for making such a different film. To say about Vijay, I wanted to write a script when it comes to watching the wedding .. Arjun Reddy, Geeta Govindam and now the note is that if you see the good script to go to Vijay Dagari I’ll come up with a good script .. This c Ima sincere desire to be hit, he said .. ..

Vijay Devarakonda said yesterday was the first public meeting in AP .. Response is not normal .. Response is now over. The movie will be screened in the movie ‘All Time’ The party is going to be a favorite of the party .. There is no such issue in this film .. The Complete Different Story This is not the people who are watching the movie .. They know what to do .. 5th of October Fresh film is going to be offered .. Complete the novelty politic entertainer to you .. Not yet the time .. countdown started There are still four days .. .. 5’ll want for your work on the film in theaters .. kaluddamnota said.

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