‘Yoti’… A Cop Or A Thief?

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“Install our App so that you have all your password and store it in your photo address and we will keep you safe and we will keep all the work with this app without giving you idiots.” Do you believe immediately Suspect? But more than ten thousand people believe. And see the App Katanto.

Google now comes with the ‘Yotti’ app. Your digital identity is its tag line. This app developers say it’s useful to prove who we are when we scan our ID, hide it online and give you ID proof anywhere. Yoty is also useful as a password manager. It can also be installed in the Chrome browser or in the Firefox browser, and it can be used by a desktop computer.

The advantage of this app is that developers say a very large list. “This app is very useful if you want to prove your ID faster and safely, and if you are asked to have at least 18 years of age at some sites, this app will be used for age confirmation and you can check online for other IDs as well as any online business We ask who is the proof, and so this yapp

But, despite all the profits – this app is not trusted by Netaji. This app is going to be installed. . When we scan our ID and go online and we ourselves are out of ourselves then what is the security? – There is fear of them. Therefore, some of the comments made by this Yotti are very negative. This app is a scam, and it’s a plan to publicly steal people’s identity. We have been very strongly criticized by these apples. The developers responded positively to it.

This is not a scam as you like. Genuine App. We can not steal your data .. Know that you can not access your data except you. More than this is the AES 256 bit encryption, the most secure standards encryption! All of your data will not be hacked. We can not do anything except you can. So if any of your data is saved on our server, it’s not possible to sell it, even if it’s not possible! “-That is.

There is a method of saving the details of the person’s name, photo and birthday as well. What is When we create an account in any online account, our profile is there. Our photo and name is here, where the profile is all saved. This is the risk when hackers attack. It’s all possible to get one by one. That’s the same – if the person’s name, photo and birthday are saved separately – no matter how difficult it is to attach someone – there is security. We are following this method. Trust us! – Developers answer. However, people are scared of installing this app when it comes to some identity theft. However, more than 10 lakh people have already downloaded the Yoti app. . That is, the belief that this is true. And they said … who was responsible? Does Google PlayStore take that responsibility? In any case, it is a good idea to take care of online security and data security.

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