When Will Telugus Welcome Kannada Rachita?


Kannada heroines are not new to Telugu. Aesthetic and Aamma have a lot of name in Telugu. As well as top heroines. After that love also got good name. But on the whole – we do not have a craze for Malayalam heroines – Kannada heroines.

Malashree Top … Ramya Top
Kannada heroines do not like much of Tollywood. In other words, we’ve seen scenarios where successive heroes have been very successful there. Once in the Telugu version of the film titled ‘Sri Durga’ – in the name of Malachi – went to Kannada – that was the last heroine in Kannada. After that, we are again in the films like ‘Bava-Bavaamariadi’ to reap the same Malachi. Also, Kalyan Ram’s’ Abhimanyu ‘is the heroine of the film’ Divya Reaction – In the latter time ‘Ramya’ is the top heroine in Kannada. Now she has gone to politics. These are the examples to separate our interests.

The big heroine …
Some of the heroines that we have reacted to are from the Kannada field, which is the tradition of top heroines – some have come into Telugu. So we do not agree with the Kannada heroines – they know the Telugu Tast is easy to find. But the ‘richest ram’ thing is not the case. There is a lot of craze in Kannada now. Racha Ram, who came to Kannada in 2013 with ‘Bull Bull’, has made it to the top of Darshan next to Darshan. Later he starred in Darshan’s films like Ambarshi and Jug Dada. He also acted with Ganesh, who hit the big hit with Munger Mouli. In ‘Mekunda Murari’ in 2016, he has acted in ‘Eega’ and Bahubali. Now I’m playing with I’m Love You and Rupee. These are not. Ramesh Arvind, Puneet Raj Kumar – Like this, Kannada has acted with all the leading heroes.

I’ve seen you
Correct on the richest ram – ‘Atharintiki Dharedi’ is to be remembered. Pawan Trivikram is the remake of the super hit movie with Sudip in 2015. The movie ‘Ranna’ is a bumper hit. It is a very costly film in the Kannada film, which is the kind of grandson of the grandson of the grandson of low budget. ‘Yesterday was very hard to see,’ Kannada song in the plate and another song called ‘
And it is strange that in the super-duper hit films, it still seems to be a good entry in Telugu. It was news that something had come recently. The girl is Bagada means … that’s not the case. That’s not the face of the Tamil people. But there is no entry yet. But now there are many chances for the Kannada rural fledgling in Telugu. Let’s not have any chance to come up with opportunities in any cinema!

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