What Kannada Mehbooba Could Not Achieve?

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Director Puri Jagannath’s son Akash is the hero of ‘Mehboobha’, but in the role of a Pakistani girl, Mangala Bhaum Neha Shetty will also remember you. Now tell her about this … almost everybody thought that the heroine Neha Shetty was a bigger sensation in the future, as Shabharu appeared in Sandalwood with Munger Molly 2. But that does not happen. After Munger Mouli 2, Chandan Shetty’s Chocolate Gala is a video album which has not appeared in any other film. But she has come to know that she will star in one and two films, but the movies are not going to go. Puri was the one who gave Chan in the situation. After that Neha did not come to Chanslevi. When the nail breaks …

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