Waste and Weird Movie Titles !


( This is a raw translation /machine translation posted temporarily. Until we replace it with fine version, Please read Telugu version if you are comfortable with Telugu. Follow the Telugu link below the article. )

We have movie with titles like Idiot, Pokiri, Stupid, Rascal, loafer and Rogue. titles all in films in tamilsaiyai – yet – like nicknalinodu, dikumalinodu. Popular heroes are also acted these films. Finally, this trend has been dubbed for movies. E.g. Ravi Teja Dubai Seen is the Hindi dub movie name ‘Lofer’.
But the trend of this tirade is low in Kannada. In the film version of idiot, Puneet, Kantirava Rajkumar’s son, was cast in the Kannada version. Puri Jagannath is also the director of the film. But idiot is not named. The film’s name is ‘Apu’. But now it is the trend of the fate of the twin. Even though the demand for frivolous names is not big enough, the movie is titled ‘Aogayaya’. Very idiot, not like a rogue, but the ‘idiot’ is nonsense, which means it is useless. ‘Gram Panchayati Sadhya’ (Gram Panchayat Board Member) is a tagline for this movie! And if the panchayat members are in a hurry, then there is a chance that the film is going to be a plus. And how bad it is to hit such contraversies.

Another film, ‘Samarthha’, is also released in the same season. ‘Ayogya’ means ‘worthless’, ‘Samarthha’ means ‘capable’. Both at a time… Looks crazy!

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