Three Beauties In Seven

F2 Movie

After the success of ‘Bahubali’, it has become a habit to introduce each character in the film separately to create hype on the movie . The same technique is applied to yesterday’s Goodhachaari to NTR movie today. Now similar process is adapted  for ‘Seven’ movie too. Like Ramaykrishna as Shivamagami, Anushka as Devasana and Tamanna as Avantika – Promoters introduced the characters of Jenny, Ramya and Priyain the movie. Stills have been released. Anisha Ambrose as Jenny, Nandita Sweta as Ramya and Tridha Choudhary as Priya are pretty good to see and especially all in the same mood. More over, of these three, Anisha Ambrose resembles Miss Universe Sushmita Sen. These three girls, who could not get a good break till now, can get some craze after this film.

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