Telugu Leaders Compete In Crores!

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TDP has been making allegations of Rs Lakh crores of rupees on Jagan, as we know. But after the investigation began … people are saying that there is no such level of corruption andd slowly that lakh crore has come down to just a few thousands of crores. The numbers are still going down day by day.

Whatever may be the truth, some people say that such a huge amount of corruption is not possible at all. Because in fact, it’s more than some states’ budget. However, TDP sources have become super success in making strong allegations against Jagan.

Okay. In the present time when politics is believed to be place of corruption, no one can defend himself by 100%. In fact, reciprocating allegations is easier than defending oneself. Jagan, however made allegations on Babu in reverse, but not just 1 Lakh Crores, but 1.5 lack crores. And again the same question raises.. “is it possible to do such a huge amount of corruption?”

Another interesting feature is that there is another “crore competition” in Telangana too. From the very beginning KCR has been speaking about irrigating one crore acres in Telangana. Now Chandrababu recently told his officers: “We need to irrigate 2 crore acres.” Of course, it is not an easy affair to water two crores acres.

So what is understood by these two “crore competition things”? The leaders seem to prefer to speak up something that can be easily registered in people’s minds. Seems that they don’t mind to exaggerate things whenever they need and they don’t care to prove the possibilities in reality.

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