Remained Unmarried For The Movie!


We know that Prabhas has postponed the marriage to Bahubali. Now let’s pick up the selection. That’s different. Is there a director who is also married to a film? Yes sir. Truth. Kali Rangasamy, a Tamil director, has just stopped getting married for his film!

In the Tamil film ‘Oru Kuppai Kaadhai’ he made the critics of the film making nares. This is the first film for director Kali Rangasamy. Sri Lankan is the predecessor of Tamil Nadu. In the middle of reading the BSc in Coimbatore, Chennai stopped taking the interest of movies. Not knowing how to get the film chances, Nana jumped up and finally joined the director MR Bharathi. He then worked with prominent Tamils ​​such as Cheran and Ellil. Later, he worked as assistant to the film Aslam. Later, Aslam would contact many producers of sin to get him to see Rangasamy as a director. In the end, Aslam became the producer and made director Rangasamy his directorial. Aslam’s struggles for the first film, Rangasamy’s friends Ramadas, Aravindan came out of the field and helped them to become co-producers. This is a Tamil story. But this film is not easy to release. Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s son Udayanidhi Stalin helped the film release. The film was brought out by Red Giant, his company. The origin of the story is that a wife leaves her husband and goes to another person with her child. Dance Master Dinesh is in the role of the innocent victim. Dinesh Master Hero is the heroine of the film, but the heroine’s character is not reduced to the back of the character. Manish finally acted in this role.

If anyone asks me not to marry for the film – Rangasamy says, “Yeah, I have cursed to marry after completing the film” Oru Kuppai Kaadai “, because in our industry the assistant director is three times as rice eaten, is it not a sin to marry the family? By the time I became the director … but when I look at my age forty eight Alum economically established. How to Marry? Unnaranukondi searched for the girl for me, but our intlovallu. Jaraganivvandi that to happen. Everything is good heavens! “Is the director.

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