Rahul .. really got matured enough?

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Looks like at the National Congress party, it seems to have been rushed to show that Rahul to be a capable and mature leader . Union Minister Athawale Rahul has not made a statement. There is nothing ever – the Shiv Sena and the Congress leaders are inclined to bring Rahul to the ground. Whether Shiv Sena Bijeepukee or not, the Shiv Sena has a lounge with Congress, and one of them is appreciating Rahul as one after another.

Any of the reasons – which has long been known in the national politics of Rahul, is Rahul. Although Rahul was not too young, he was not a leader of Modi. Being a parental mother, the emotions are still looking like a young child who has never experienced more than a young man. In a somewhat sensational political style, the Dynasty is moving forward with controversial decisions. Rahul – except for the occasional disappearance of power – has never been his dynamic programs or intellectual great statements. Former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has direct cases of Rahul’s sexuality. In all this, Rahul is still in politics – in the game is a banana.

But the Congress is now thinking of changing the situation. Rahul is slowly bringing up the claim. Even old photos showing Rahul’s training in martial arts have recently come out. However, Rahul has been praising the leaders in the praise of the party. That’s why – Rahul puffed up so far from direct smoke! But now it looks like the maturity of him – speaks like. This trend can be good for Rahul, but it can be said that it is fueling more jokes on Rahul.

In the same way, in 2010, Rahul was keen to get the Prime Minister. Rahul is the AICC general secretary. Saying “Manmohan deserves to be the Prime Minister” Rahul confined himself to look after the Youth Congress. But Manmohan is personally capable of being a Prime Minister as the Prime Minister. Is Rahul the better than Manmohan in these seven years? That’s what the Congressmen think.

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