‘Rachiyita’ Finally Comes Out On 16th!

‘Rachayita’ from ‘Duhara Movies’ is being released on 16th of this month, ‘Vidyasagar Raja’ as hero and ‘Sakshitha Padukone’ as heroine . Hero of the film himself directed the movie. Kalyan Dhulipalla is the producer of the movie. Apart from the film unit, the leading producer, Ranjith Movies chief Damodara Prasad and another producer Randas have told the media about the film.
Damodara Prasad said, “The writer cinema got very well. We have already shown this movie to the public. Got a good response. Everyone appreciates the movie. The film is being released in the Nizam area of Ranjit Movies Distribution. The producer is faced with a lot of trouble with the release of the film. Initially, there were a lot of trouble with the release of small films. Now it is learned. This problem will be solved by dealing with fellow producers and theater owners. It is Pure Telugu movie. Chandra Bose has provided good lyrics. Very Good Songs. The producer of this film Kalyan has been working hard to make a film. Hero of the new generation .. Producer encouraged and congratulated for making this film. Hero Jagapathi Babu worked very hard for this movie. He has spoken in Vizag, Vijayawada and Prakasam districts and has been campaigning for a grand success. He really should be blamed. That will definitely hit the film, “he said.
Another producer Ramdasu said, “This film is to be released in the last month. But the theaters did not release. Some theater owners have suggested to release on 16th of this month. Let’s release this film anyway .. the theater is not boring. Finally talk to everyone .. Decent release. We are working with Damodara Prasad to share our small films with us.
The filmmaker said, ‘Creating a film is a height. Release of the film is about the release of this film. Producer Damodara Prasad, Ramadossu and Hero Jagapathi Babu worked hard to overcome many obstacles. Thanks to them. The small movie is very rich. The setting on the hill in Vizag is very good. The film also got better. We hope to be happy.
The film’s director and director Vidyasagar Raju said, “This film is a concept of emotion thrilling. It is shown how a girl’s mind depth is. Lyrics are good for all three songs provided by Chandrabose. The producer did not want to compromise on the film and trusted me for the film. That is a must for audiences.
Author Chandra Bose said, “When the director tells the story, it is very exaggerating. Producer has given me the opportunity to present all the songs in accordance with the story. He has provided good literature on suggestions and suggestions. This film will surely impress the audience. In the future, the producer needs to produce more beautiful images. Thanks to the producer Damodara Prasad who cooperated in this film release. ”
The event was attended by the heroine Kudita Padukone and others.

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