Pawan And Jagan… Why Don’t You Take Care?


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On the one hand, Jagan Mohan Reddy is coming to the next generation of Pawan Kalyan. Elections are far off. But if you look at the speed – it seems that the heat is always hot. But the main thing is that they do not want to take care of the public that they are going to the public as the genetics.

For example, if Pawan Kalyan is taken – wherever he meting, going into the crowd, moving around in the middle of the crowd. Pawan Kalyan is the most important among the people in the youth is not all the craze. Pawan Kalyan is coming to the venue of the elections. So … he does not care about such crazy at the time of the crazy, not the activists but also the meeting organizers.

It is good to go into the public as the people who seek the welfare of the people. But there is a lot of people who have been killed by a small stolen. Getting into the public without a security can be a great way to get a birthday .. Not taking the proper precautions is not correct. They also have the responsibility to keep the people who are about to take it to themselves. For instance, if any of the four strokes have occurred, some people may be embarrassed, but it is a risk of their political career. So you have to take good care of your security. If you do, you will have to tell another thing. His father is beyond the reach of his father. YS Rajasekhar Reddy is not going to go on a pedestrian, but with the intention of resorting to it. And when such a daring decision is taken. Care should be taken care of health too. Because now people who seek the place of the Chief Minister as Jagan will be considered as property of the people. If anything happens to Jagan, it will affect all of this.

When Jagan was ill in the recent days, the doctors warned him not to walk away, but he did not hesitate to listen. Hence, he went to bed for a few days. It is also said that one could not speak two days. Thousands of kilometers for thousands of days in a few months walk in uniform and hard work in the bunkers – Jagan is a very difficult thing for any person. At any age – the human body has some limitations. Problems in health are serious when faced with serious physical stress. It is not a good thing for him to go adriftily. He has to be more careful when he comes to the safety of all of them in terms of security.

It is natural for the young leaders to be politicians, but they should recognize that they are one of their responsibilities. Pawan Kalyan – whatever the pics are – once they come into the public, they have to consider themselves as property. No matter what the hopes and expectations are – they are also in the limits – one of their responsibilities to protect themselves!

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