Old Talent In The New Tube!

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They were movie celebrities once upon a time. Now they are celebrating online teaching today. But it s question, how impressive they are. K. Raghavendra Rao is a KRR Classroom opener. In that channel he teaches daring lessons to enthusiasts, giving examples of all his old films. And what is the screenplay for senior writer Paruchuri? What is the story Lessons are about teaching cinema. But how much of these people are appealing – that is doubtless. Because they do not have hits too much.

Raghavendra Rao was always silent in the past. She slowly began to talk publicly and talk to her career. His mouth is in the TV programs like aesthetic story, he has already made a lot of remarks.

Peruchuri, who has written hundreds of films, is notoriously talking about the work of others like Bahubali, rather than the works of his own films. How to create great heroic characters He’s talking about videos about the Bahubali – he’s a symbol of generosity. But the writers who created hundreds of hero characters – have no benefit to give examples from other people’s works. Because – its author Vijayendra Prasad about Bahubali is good but it is not so bad. Analyzing a great role as a writer is different. But the lessons on the basis of experiences – the people who want to learn from the greatness of the people – not from the opinions of other writings.

Anyway, one of the cinematic channels of this time is useful for some time, but it is not so useful for today’s generation that is fast-paced techniques. It is doubtful how long these techniques of old age are to be used for young people who want to learn cinematography and directing – in this period of easy access to global language films, including Hollywood! One of the techniques that these people say is the genetic interval. So – unless they are worthy things – they do not have to say lessons. If not – the introduction of a new type of introduction and the possibility that you have acquired the name that you have acquired recently.

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What Raghavendra Rao says about screenplay?

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