“Oh My Gosh! We Know Nothing About Cyber Security!”

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When asled “Who shook the bow of Lord Shiva?” – Someone answered “Sorry, I do not know.I did not do that mistake.” There’s such a lack of awareness about cyber security also among the people! Not even in India. In America too! What is the topic? Just Read on!

Adults … these days when kids spend their time with smart phone. The parents do not care what they’re doing online in the absence of childcare. That is why new crimes are emerging in this new generation. The children told us, they told the parents that they were not told to say, the victims … there were many who were evil people online. ‘Child Cyberbullying’ is a crime committed by the children online to survive, get scared, scared, hurt, and exempt guilty.

There are times when these innocent cheaters have lost the lives of innocent victims. On the one hand – the danger of falling into the children’s pornography is also a great risk to them. In such a situation, it is important to keep children safe from online. And how many of these children’s parents are aware of online safety? A survey was conducted recently in the US.

Interviews with 2,500 American parents were surprising. Only 24 per cent of parents have the guarantee that their children are safe online! About 76 per cent are worried about online safety of their children. If parents have a question about the actual “on-line safety” – 36 percent of people have no real knowledge of the cyber security.

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