Nara Rohith In Sree Sankhu Chakra

F2 Movie

Nara Rohit, Krithika and Neelam Upadhyaya hero heroines Shri Shanku Chakra Films banner Karthikeya is introduced as the director and Kothi Thoomu is producing Production No. 2 movie shooting and is currently performing post production activities. Speaking on the occasion, producer Koti Thumulu said, “Recently casting the lead roles Nagabu Babu, Shayaji Shinde, Rohini, Raghubabu, Posani, Ali, Kashi Vishwanath, Pinki, Prabhas Srinu, Satyam Rajesh, Suman Shetty, Mahajan and others have been shot in the climax. Two songs in india were picked up as grandma. Nara Rohit is going to be seen in Nellukku, which is a love and family entertainer. The director has done much better than the director said. Anup Rubens is going to be a special attraction for the music. We have built the story without compromising. Nara Rohit is the best film in her career. Senior artists are very much angered. The post production work has now begun. “
Camera: Sivendra, Music: Anuprubens, Editing: MR Varma, Producer: Kothi Thoomu, Story-screenplay, Naga Babu, Roshan, Posani, Kashyavishanath, Raghubabu, Ali, Shayaji Shinde, Satyam Rajesh, Prabhas Srinu, Suman Shetty and Pinki. darsakatvam: Kartikeya.

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