‘Mr.Pellam’ Recommends ‘Bharya Bandhu’

Many remember veteran actress Aamani as ‘Mr. Pellam. She acted in many super hit movies like Subhalagnam, MaviChiguru and Jambalakidi pamba. Lately she acted in’Bharat Ane Nenu’ starring Mahesh Babu. Now in ‘IPC section Bharyabandhu’which will be released on the 29th of on this month. Sarath Chandra-Neha Desh Pandey are the main lead in the movie. The film is directed by Srinivas under the Aluri Creations banner of Aluri Sambasivaravu Built-in picture. In this occasion, She said that the ‘IPC section Bharyabandhu’ is a must watch for all the bride and groom’s weddings.
When I was asked to act in the ‘IPC section Bhaskarapu’, I initially disagreed. The big heroes are doing movies and I think the new hero is going to make it. But if you did not do this film, you would have missed a good movie as an actress. It is a good film ‘IPC section Bharyabandhu’. Do not know the greatness of the wedding bonds .. For many small reasons, many couples are now dividing. In this film I acted as a writer cum councilor, Swathi Sripada. I have a song in it. This song comes in the background of the wedding. It is also the top ten in the songs that come in the wedding background. This song is good enough to listen to and hear. Director Srivijas Rettatti has shot every scene as a heart. Producer Aluri Sambasiva Rao has a good understanding of the film, also known as Potion. I believe that he will be a big producer. Sharath Chandra is also a good future for the movie. He did very well. I hope that the ‘IPC section Bharyabandhu’ will create a good victory for the nice message. More good films from Aluri Creations come, I want them to be !!

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