More Than One million Suicides Annually! Where…?

Every Hour, One Student Commits Suicide In India

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There are more than one million suicides in our country, including family strife, financial crisis, difficulties in occupation, sickness, love failure, and stress in education. The National Crime Records Bureau figures are detailed. According to the report ‘Youth of India 2017’, created by the Central Statistics Office, most of the suicides are between 18 and 30 years old. Overall, 68.5 per cent of men and 31.5 per cent of women have been victims of rape, according to the report. The study of the report, “Young Manus Maitri” of Maharashtra, has been involved in the prevention of suicide by NGOs. Especially in younger women, and decided to step up the suicide prevention through this “mentally allied”. The NJO delegates said that this year, 1,000 people are expected to be trained and educated from social media.

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