Moon or Mars? Which do you prefer to travel?

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The desire to live on other planets, such as the moon and the Mars, is the longest desire for man. (Of course, the moon is not a planet, it is a satellite of Earth, we
know.) But if the man is to live there – it is necessary to have sufficient water there. People say where there is water, there is the culture. Put culture aside, the man’s life is impossible in the place where water is not available to drink. Life is going to be disastrous without water even if it is just for a single day. So, before boasting about building colonies on Mars and Moon scientists should get assured of having sufficient water reserves there on those planets.

However, there are new hopes of water there on Moon and Mars now. On the Moon – the scientists in the area near the planet’s northern pole appeared to be a large giant-like crystalline lava. Scientists say that they look more like small gates, which might lead to larger ice rivers. If their assessment is true – the water resources needed for the residence on the moon are available. If that happens – it would be a great step towards the dream of the common man on the Moon
On the Mars side, NASA made a statement this week about the water resources on Mars. Nasa scientists have confirmed the availability of water on Mars, and more interesting thing they said is “no need to work hard to get it”. So, finally the barriers to the Moon Mars are turning away! So tell me now. Which do you like? Travel to Moon or Travel to Mars?

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