Lucky Luck for this heroine! Are She going to click?

F2 Movie

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Most of the audience did not see her on the screen yet. I do not know how it works. Her debut film is currently in the sets and has not yet been released. That’s what Nisvika Naidu is. Even if the film is full of a movie and the movie will be offered in a different movie, the film will be silent in the days to come. Anusha Tejeshwar is making his debut in the movie ‘Vasu Naan Pakka Lokal’ in Sandalwood and is currently in the lead with Arjun’s nephew Chiranjeevi Saroja in the movie ‘Amma I Love You’ (Vijay Antony’s ‘Begger’ remake). On the other hand, another son of the hero of Kannada producer kemanju expected “paddehuli” bukkaindi film.

The new Kannada heroine Nivvika Bhale khushi is about to be released on Chans on Chans without even releasing one film in the backdrop of the scandal that the Kannada heroines do not encourage him, Which of these films in the production phase is looking forward to giving me a good break. Acting Course in Bombay has come from a family that is not familiar with the film industry. Come with the aim of becoming the heroine and get the chance. There is no doubt about how the offers come without knowing the perfection. The word acting on the behavior of her acting on the sets is so vast that the direction of the directors has become a wave of offers.

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