Just Wait Two Years To Live In Space!

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Living in a house in space, and staying on other planets. All of these have been in discussions ever since .. Expectations are still present – still not experienced. But if you want to experience a space in space before it comes? Now a company that combines such an opportunity. The company name is Orion Span. Three hundred kilometers from the Earth, where we live in a space station called Aurora Station. They say they are the first luxury hotel in space (The First Luxury Hotel in Space). After passing over three hundred and twenty kilometers from the ground, we can enjoy Zero Gravity in this hotel, which is a burdensome thing – we can see how our bodies feel weary and in the open.
Since the space station is rotating in a Earth Orbit every hour and a half, the space station is the only one where sunsets and sunsets can be seen sixteen times a day. The Orion Span invites enthusiasts to get this strange feeling. The cost of living for a total of twelve days in the hotel is the cost of living with the new spacecraft – $ 95 lakh. In our rupees, it is about 62 crores.
Stay tuned! This luxurious mansion is not even ready for the spending money. It is ready for 2021. It will be welcome in 2022 for the first guests. But in which there are crew members, both together – only six people can live to live. Okay, how many of those millionaires who can spend that much money can be a thrill of space exploitation.

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