Is Narendra Modi Following YS?

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Smile in politics is also a great weapon. If the opposition speaks, the smiling technique is one. With this technique you will not face the criticism of the other – before they can be smaller – criticize the seriousness of criticism. This technique was invented by the late leader YS Rajasekhara Reddy! Laughter is a yoga, a laugh, a laugh, a laugh, a smile – laughing chandrababu But now YSR’s laughing technique is going to follow Narendra Modi! As Rahul’s speech was in Parliament during the infidelity, he smiled and smiled and tried to achieve success. But in the end, Rahul walked up to his seat – hug him and shake him! Senior leaders in large ranks – forget the many problems that are at that level – smile is a great feature! But it is true that the other person is not a suitable subject as a satirical way to combat criticism! Enjoy the laughing. Let’s wait and see if Narendra Modi is laughing!

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