Internet Saviors Are Coming!

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Yes.Internet saviors are coming for you! Not to save the internet! But to protect you from the Internet!
Technology has become an addition. Dipping ourselves into the computers, hiding own faces into mobile screens.. and not even observing who is sitting next to you … This is the trend of today! It is a disastrous thing changing the real meaning of the whole society. Sociologists have already expressed concern that their time in the private lives of anyone in their private lives is busy, and the least strange society is trying to make people to talk. But now that they are – technoogen. Some people who have worked in the leading technology companies like Facebook, Google, Apple have created a company called Center for Humane Technology (Center for Humane Technology).

A website has been started by The objective of this organization is not to destroy human beings as realistic targets and living standards, such as technology edition. People who are not interested in interest – With half of life online – with online chat on Facebook and apps that do not understand in Google PlayStore. Online media companies use this user’s interest in their commercial needs. But the CHH is demanding that these institutions change their approach to humanity.

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