Self Boast Increases In Chandrababu’s Words?


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There is a lot of criticisms that there is a certain canopy in this mid-day Chandrababu Lecture. Telugu people see Chandra Babu for decades. Never before has Chandrababu ever been talking about politics and politics, it is a political profile that never speaks to the media or lectures. Jagan is making debate about objectionable comments like Chandra Babu’s firing on the roadside. Pavan also speaks once again. But the balance in Chandrababu is more senior.

However, in the context of Chandrababu’s words, the criticism of the achievements and the achievements he has achieved is greatly criticized. I’ve done this, I’ve done it. I can only do these things, I can only do that. Chandrababu is telling her vintage tags. Is not this the same as a Chief Minister? His attitude has gone as far as he claims to be. This is a very surprising evolution. Chandrababenana, who has a lot of balance, says that his fans are naked.

Chandrababu has achieved great success and it is well known that Chandrababu has a rich history in politics. Chandrababu, who has created the recordings and created sensations as a high-tech chief, has not even made such a remarkable mention in her peak time. Now he has become a trend. This time, it is necessary to think that it is necessary to win the elections, no matter how much he can use his previous credibility, or both of them, but the two of them.

Now that social media is growing, everyone is blaming jessies on Chandrababu and Chandrababu has improved Hyderabad. But we will see that many Telangana people who can not accept this fact will have no idea what Chandrababu did. Recently, the jokes came in the way that Chandrababu did not even make Telangana in the witness. The split of the state of Telangana, where the true development of Chandrababu here was not even worth the recognition – the loss of Chandrababu’s own greatness was a hazardous threat. It is so good that he realizes this and correctly correct his speech.

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