Hello me! Speaking of a particular bank robot!

Is Robotics the Future of Banking and Finance

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Robots come to the banking field soon! These are spoken robots! Financial Robots! Eye candy! These robots will provide banking advice to bank customers and banknotes for artificial intelligence!
Those who once have bank accounts have fewer people. Until the previous monetary policy was monitored, none of the common man was able to conduct financial transactions without bank accounts. But even now the number of bank accounts in India is very low compared to the developed countries. However, banking has grown enormously compared to the past. Since customers were once low, our banks were able to take care of each individual customer’s banking needs. Talk to each customer individually, what is their need? Samasyalenti? They were advised to provide customer advice. In terms of maintaining bank accounts, in terms of investment, in case of insurance, as well as shareholders and savings are not advisable to advocate what’s the difference in the financial sector everywhere. However, the customers have grown up and the minute they talk about it with the original, even without banking. Hence the bank is now just a requirement – there is nothing in which we have a spiritual bond. Now the banks in the US are thinking of using robots to fill this gap.
With the help of artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence), everybody comes in touch with personal and gives financial advice to them. Financial robots work to make customers and banks more profitable. Financial Experts say that the first experiments have been successful – the use of robots in the financial sector in the international market. Let’s see, even such artificial intelligence robots come to India, give great financial advice, enhance their financial knowledge and improve the financial status of our people … let’s wait!

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