Have You Seen This Radio Guy?

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He is a village in Ariwanmolai village in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu. Electricals Diploma holder. Raja Stanesh is currently working in an insurance company. If he introduces it, what’s special about it? His specialty is that he is a great radio lover. From 1930 onwards, he collected a variety of radios and converted his home into a temple for the sky. From the palm-transistor radios, the radios of various shapes and sizes have been extracted from the bookstore holding the books. He is a favorite of valve radios. One day, one old paperboy shop saw this type of radio and bought it immediately. If it’s not working, it’s self-refined. The radio performance is at least 20 minutes away from the sound. The radio begins to work on the valves in it. In this way the connection began with radios. Any kind of go to the shops of old Samanans go and collect radios of non-existent radios. Some radios work well over the age of 50, while others require smaller packers. He has put up a man to repair his radios. Raja said that the mechanism for the new technology is not familiar with, and the old radios will make it look great. He has radios in many countries like Germany, England and Holland. There are a lot of wooden radios made in our country.

Holland manufactured bar radios that are unique in his collections. There will be a rack to get a bottle of liquor inside this radio. They are 3 to 4 feet high. The Wakitiki-style radio used during World War II was found in an old paper shop. He also has a radio in the 1960s three in one (gram phone, tape recorder, radio).

There are no radios from the 1930s to the 1980s, “Raja said. The radios of the 1930s were at least 2 feet high and weighed about 20 kg. Most radios are nowhere to be spare, so I am very careful. Friends also cooperate with his interest. Each radio was spent between 1000 and 20,000. Only 20 of his hundreds of radios are in good condition.

Now Raja has converted the old house in his town to the radios at his home. Old coins and old things were hidden in his young age.

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